zomg giveaway!

Sort of.

Do you remember the metallic frames from the last post? We used them to display our guest seating lists.

Some fun facts about them:

  • There are five brushed silver ones
  • There are two matte black ones
  • They are size 8.5×11″
  • They can be oriented vertically OR horizontally
  • They have those flaps in the back you can use to stand them up
  • They are free
  • I like popsicles
  • Don’t you like popsicles?
  • I am also fond of squirrels

Listen, guys. In my post-wedding fit of GET EVERYTHING WEDDING-RELATED OUT OF THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW, I nearly just handed these over to Goodwill. But something stopped me. I mean, they are fairly decent frames, and in good condition. What if someone else could use them? What if… what if one of YOU needed to use them for your wedding?

I realize this is not the coolest giveaway in the history of forever, and I also realize that these are not the most vital of items to give away. But I figure that if I can help someone cross something off of her wedding to-do list, why not do that? We’re all kind of in this together, after all.

So here’s the deal. If you are remotely interested in using these things, leave me a comment with your email address [EDIT: If you make sure to put your email address in the comment form, I’ll get it. If you put a direct link to your email in the comment body, bots could discover it and start spamming you, and I don’t want that for any of youse guys]. A week from now, on December 10, I’ll use one of the random number generator things (given that more than one person responds) to select a winner. Then, I’ll mail that person a box with the frames inside.

Terms and conditions may apply: The only condition I have is that you live in the continental United States. Since I am paying for shipping, I don’t want to have to take out a small loan.

The closing sale: Think of the things you can do with them! You can use them for the wedding! For the home! For the garden! You can glue glitter on the outside! You can melt them down for scrap! You can fill them with pictures of your exes and then place them strategically around the house and see how long it takes your partner to notice, and then when he or she angrily confronts you you can be all like, “HA HA APRIL FOOLS’!” And he or she will be like, “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN, IT IS ONLY DECEMBER,” and you’ll be like, “WHATEVER, YOU ARE SO FACT-DRIVEN.”

If I post some artsy-looking shallow-focus photos, you might like them more:


And just so you know, I didn’t forget about the black frames:


Impressive, no?

So what do you say? Any takers?

17 thoughts on “zomg giveaway!”

    1. Ha. I read your comment twice as “I’m not sure I could put these to good use.” And I was thinking, well… hmm. That’s no good?

  1. Now you’re killing me. These are part of the new color scheme (I refuse to say palette because I color outside the damn lines) but I can’t think of a use for them. Unless I give up on my escort card idea, which I won’t.

    Lyn, you leave me conflicted. Bah. I will let these go to someone who really can use them by NOT throwing my hat into the giveaway ring, but simply wished to register how this post has thrown me into an irrationally acquisitive tizzy for the “just-in-case” scenarios.

  2. Only if you’re including the Certificate of Excellence. Otherwise, I’m just not interested.

    (love your blog, by the way. figured it was time to chime in.)

    1. Yay! I deleted your other comment with your email linked in it because I already got your email info from your first comment — don’t want bots to start spamming you.

  3. I could really use these, especially the brushed metal frames. We plan on framing pictures of our parents and grandparents on their wedding days and they would be perfect.

  4. So, um. I have things to frame. Many many things. Wedding stuffs. Pictures of people. Green crayon drawings of silly monsters whose bellies needed tickling, which ended up looking like a scribble-scrabble.

  5. Well, I have to (finally) comment and say: Best.blog.ever!!!

    Frames – check. I can use them for my “let’s see if I can pull off an outdoor potluck wedding for an absurdly low price” in SoCal next year.

    joannajacob34 (at)gmail

    THANKS!!! I promise to re-giveaway.. the world need to pass the excellence around, don’t you think?

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