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the nightmare before wedding

It was a helluva week. Between getting the catalog out and doing the graphics for a last-minute presentation at work, I can’t really be blamed for forgetting I had to get married tomorrow.

The first thing I thought of was the photographer. Had we confirmed with her? Was she still coming? I sent a frantic email: OH HAI SO SORRY TO BOTHER YOU CAN YOU DRIVE TO SANTA BARBARA TO TAKE PICTURES OF US LIKE MAYBE NOW?


Then I realized we’d never sent any invitations. How are people going to know where to go??? I made a mental note to ask the beau to send out a mass text with the venue address to all our friends.

I was getting just a little bit stressed out. We had nothing ready. We had no theme, no decorations… no ceremony planned out. What were we going to say? Should we just call it all off, replan it for a later date? But our guests were already probably en route; we couldn’t let them travel all the way here for nothing.

I checked my computer again. Had the photographer emailed me back yet? And how the hell was tomorrow already October 18th???

Then it hit me: I have nothing to wear. Fingers of fear snaked up from my stomach and into my chest. Somehow, in the next few hours before the wedding, I had to go out and find a dress. The dress.

Oh shit oh shit oh shit.

You know what’s coming next: I woke up. It was about 12:20am. I officially had a Halloween nightmare. About the wedding.

I don’t really know why. I’m not particularly stressed about it, at least not yet. And in retrospect, there were several things about the dream that should have tipped me off to it not being real. Like say, the fact that no photographer would have come on such short notice without a deposit. Or the fact that our guests wouldn’t have bothered to come if they had never received invitations. Or the fact that we are actually getting married on September 18, not October 18.

That’s a biggie. I should probably try to commit that date to memory in the coming months.

Anyway. That’s all. I just wanted to share my Halloween nightmare.

And uh, maybe I’ll start looking for a dress. Just in case.