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I’ve gotten a couple emails asking about certain clothing and jewelry details, so I thought I’d post a quick overview so everything is in one place.


Dress: Saja Wedding, #HB662. Was I in hot, throbbing, drooly love it it? No. But I really, really liked it. I felt comfortable in the flowing silk chiffon, and that was pretty much the main goal.

I didn’t have a plan about my accessories in advance, and this caused me a lot of angst because the options were VAST. I basically ended up picking one thing (blue shrug) that informed my decisions on the other items.

Blue shrug and grey shawl (I got both because I couldn’t choose between them): Sweet Knitting.

Peacock feather hair fascinators: Sweet Grass Mill.

Button necklace: Button Soup Jewelry.

Shoes: Seychelles Flamingo in Tea.


Suit: The beau’s suit came from a store in the fashion district in L.A. called Downtown Suits Outlet. It was part of a “two suits for $250” deal. We’d originally considered getting him a high-quality custom-made suit, but the bargain won out. The thing we liked about this place is that the owner didn’t try to fleece us into thinking we were getting a real Italian suit for such an amazingly low price: “Sure, it’s Italian design, but it’s made in China.” If you looked close, you could tell. But the suit fit him well, and he got a lot of compliments on it.

Tie: Downtown Suits Outlet. The owner threw in a couple ties for free with the purchase of the suits — the beau ended up wearing a white/silver striped one for the wedding.

Shoes: Asics Mexico 66 in White.

Socks: Urban Outfitters.


Photos by Christina Richards.

in which i wear the pants

A couple weeks ago a flyer arrived in the mail from Men’s Wearhouse. Some deal on wedding tuxedo rentals.

The punchline? It was addressed to me.

“This Valentine’s Day, Men’s Wearhouse cordially invites your groom* to take advantage of a one-of-a-kind offer he’s sure to love!” the inside copy shouted at me gaily.

It was marketed to me. Like I am in charge of getting my partner dressed for the wedding.

I understand why this is the way it is. I understand that at some point everybody agreed that men couldn’t care less about getting married, and they cannot be trusted to with any of the details. So Men’s Wearhouse mails its promotional material to women, because then at least it has a chance of being read instead of getting lost at the bottom of a pile of old pizza boxes and unwashed socks. Or however these hypothetical menfolk live.** In fact, they probably haven’t taken those pizza boxes out to the trash yet because they’re too busy hiding in terror from their fiancées, who are stalking around the house screeching about how they better get over to the store right this very second to pick out matching TUXES AND SUITS AND TIES, OH MY.

I understand that, but I don’t get it. Yes, the beau and I will talk about what we’re both wearing for the wedding, and he’ll ask me for advice, and I’ll seek out his reaction, and I imagine we’ll make a joint decision on, say, what color of tie the groomsmen will wear. But dude: his clothes, his problem.

Then again, maybe Men’s Wearhouse was right after all. Maybe I am the one in charge here. Because “my groom” didn’t even get to see that flyer offer.

I threw it out on his behalf.


* Emphasis mine.

** Heh. I’ll bet they drive Dodge Chargers.


September 12, 1953. I have it on unsubstantiated historical rumor that Jackie Bouvier hated her wedding dress; her mother made her wear it. Poor thing, she probably didn’t want to shop either. (source: Life)

I have a terrible confession to make: I don’t want to look for a dress. I feel conflicted about this because, as far as I know (or as far as mass media tells me), girls are supposed to enjoy this shopping thing.

I am a girl, and whenever I go shopping — this includes any kind of shopping, even grocery — I am inexplicably filled with rage. There are so many things to look at, there are too many options to consider, there is gratingly annoying music, there are appallingly undisciplined children, there are ludicrously styled clothes (SORRY, clothing industry, but I just don’t know what to do with all these tops that are too long to be shirts and too short to be dresses, and I’m NOT EVEN going to go there with the whole “let’s bring back tapered jeans!” issue).

I’ll let you in on a little secret: when I am faced with the prospect of going to a store, I sometimes first steel myself with a drink. Or two. Needless to say, this has caused some unfortunate purchasing decisions in the past (WHY YES I do need 15 autumn-scented Yankee® candles, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ASKING). I cannot even begin to imagine what kind of havoc this would wreak on a trip to, say, David’s Bridal.

Which is exactly the reason why I try to shop online whenever possible. I know I should do this, with the wedding dress. I know I should start online, have a browse through the pages, save pictures that I like.* Because I have a vague idea about what I don’t want (frills, lace, train, bows, mass, bulk, tulle) and no clue about what I do. But where do I start? Where do I go? The internet is so large. It’s like the largest mall ever, except you can’t stop for a Cinnabon. And I am so afraid. Not, uh, because of the Cinnabon,** but because of the size. Of the internet. And also of wedding dresses. But we already covered that. Ahem.

Anybody? Do you have the faintest idea about how to go about finding a non-traditional dress? If you already found one, where did you get it? And just how painful was the process?


* Maybe I can organize them in a binder! HA HA HA HA HA sob

** Although your doctor may be afraid on your behalf.

avast, there be something on your head

Ship hat for real

I haven’t really begun to think about what’s going on my head for the wedding day, but this… is probably not it.

No offense to the talented Chatham Girl, from whose Etsy shop (and from the nethers of whose mind) this hat has sprung. Because I do think this rose fascinator has something lovely about it, as does this, if only I could pull off a beret.

Because that’s what people would do, is ask me to pull it off.


darling come home
i can’t take the apartment alone
you left your beret behind
and your croissant is getting cold