My beau and I got engaged in June 2009 and we planned a wedding for September 18, 2010. Like many who came before us, it was our first time navigating the murky waters of social expectations, cultural traditions, consumer impulses, and the finer (read: nuttier) points of blending families, and at the time I thought a blog might help make sense of it all.

It did. And I met a lot of wonderful people along the way. The archived posts here chronicle that journey.

I don’t update here anymore. As of January 11, 2011, I packed up and moved over to my permanent home at Another Damn Life, where I’m currently writing about… life. Feel free to visit me there, if you’d like.

(All pictures on this site, unless otherwise noted, are by me.)

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. OMG!!! I stumbled across your blog today and was just FLOORED!! It’s like you took all the crazy, insane thoughts out of my head an put them down here. I am laughing so much and and so relieved that there is someone in this world that feels like I do about this whole wedding business. Not to mention, your ideas for your party are basically what I would do. I too, am having pie, and LOOOVE the cake stand idea. I too, am having “wildflowers” or seasonal random flowers and struggling ever so much with overthinking the unimportant stuff and forgetting about the important stuff. I love your seating arrangement idea. Your blog is a breath of fresh air and I thank you so much for writing it. Now that you are done you probably won’t even read this, but just know you have a new grateful fan out there in internet land.

    1. Hi Heather! I still get emails whenever anyone leaves a comment here, so I totally read it. Thanks for your kind words! When I was in the middle of planning it was such an enormous relief to find people out there online that shared similar ideas. Best of luck with your planning and your comment made my day.

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