so long and thanks for all the shoes

Well, that’s it.

I started this blog on July 11, 2009, and I’m ending it today, January 11, 2011. One and a half years. 213 posts. That’s a long time to spend talking about my wedding, and I think I’ve finally said all I need to say.

I kept blogging here even after our wedding back in September, because I didn’t want to just disappear. After all that planning and effort, I wanted to share with you what I felt went wrong and what went right about that day. It hasn’t been that easy — I had to sort through some challenging emotions and negative thoughts in the weeks after we got hitched. But then a remarkable thing happened, somewhere around two months into marriage: I stopped caring about the wedding anymore.

Can I tell you how liberating this is? The beau and I spent well over a year of our lives in the wedding trenches. Even longer for me, if you count those months before we got engaged when I secretly began trolling wedding blogs. Point is, for a long time the wedding was perpetually on our minds and constantly filling our to-do lists. It was a force. An entity. It was like an annoying roommate who kept odd hours and made unreasonable demands and never washed the dishes or chipped in for the cable bill. This stultifying living situation was normal, somehow, until one day the roommate finally moved out and you slowly came to realize that you could turn up the T.V. and stomp all over the floors and invite your friends over for a party again. All the stuff you were missing is back!

What I’m saying to all of you who are still in the planning stages is that it gets better. One day, you will not have to think about weddings anymore. You will not care about weddings anymore. You won’t even really care about yours! You’ll be like, “Whatever, that happened forever ago. These days I’m just preoccupied with what’s for lunch.” Which is kind of a lie because you’ve always been preoccupied with what’s for lunch, but that’s okay because your nearest and dearest are already familiar with your tendency to stretch the truth and they’ve already forgiven you for it. And then you’ll hold down the (+) volume button on your television remote until that sucker goes up to 48, and you’ll put on your heaviest boots and clomp around the wooden floors for a while just because you can. Freedom, baby!

My freedom has come. In fact, it’s long overdue. It’s been increasingly painful for me to write about my wedding for the past several weeks — assembling yesterday’s post about our clothes made me want to stab my eyes out with a barbecue fork — because I just don’t want to dwell on it anymore, and I cannot fathom that anyone else could be remotely interested at this point. So it’s done. My plan for a post-wedding review has been fully executed. The plug is now being pulled.

I’m keeping this blog up, but I won’t be posting new entries here anymore. Any interested parties can continue to follow me over at Another Damn Life, where I’m writing about… life. And doughnuts, sometimes. If you can imagine.

This is kind of pathetic for me to admit, but as I compose this I’m actually getting a little teary. I’ve watched this blog go from getting 0 comments on each post to sometimes getting upwards of 30. I’ve gotten to know you through your comments and then through your own blogs. I’ve already met some of you in person, and I know I’ll continue to meet more of you in the future. I never realized just how much I could connect with others over the struggles of planning a wedding. I never realized how much that connection would come to mean to me.

So from me, to you:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



Photos by Christina Richards.

30 thoughts on “so long and thanks for all the shoes”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for saying exactly what I’ve been thinking – our weddings were a week apart, amd my blog has sat dormant since I stuck up one round of photos in November. Blah, we’re over it, in exactly the way you describe.

    And thanks for continuing with Another Damn Life – I just subscribed, can’t wait to hear all about the doughnuts.

  2. tears.

    I’m subscribing to ADL right away. I found your blog when first starting my own. You were (and still are) hilarious, witty, and thoughtful. I think what first got me was the magazine ads you were editing. Then it was the WTF face. Just thinking of that illustration makes me crack up.

    See you around the blogosphere/twitter/email/possibly when I venture out to Cali in May?

    There are no goodbyes in blogland and no crying in baseball. 🙂

    1. You know, funny you mention that. I’ve been thinking about going back to those magazine ads again. Only with non-wedding magazines. Hmm, we shall see.

      Keep me updated on when/where you’ll be at on your Cali trip! That would be such a sweet hookup.

  3. I’m so looking forward to the day when I’m done with the wedding part of blogging and on to the rest. I’m sad to see you say goodbye to the wedding blog (also, ahem, where was the honeymoon recaps/recommendations for me to crib from?), but I am so glad you are writing over at your new blog.

    I would miss you if you were gone, gone.

    1. I would miss you guys if I was gone gone. That’s 70% of what’s keeping me going on.

      And we are going to have to talk about Vancouver. I still haven’t ruled out posting something about the honeymoon over at the new place, I just have to work up the energy to go through our pictures.

  4. Noooooo. But you’re my favorite, damn it. And this is my first comment on a blog ever. That’s how cranky I feel right now.

  5. lyn- thank you so much for writing such a witty, fun and honest blog. I really enjoyed reading every single entry. so glad you are not leaving the bloggin world!

  6. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your journey and happy to see you feeling closure to the wedding. It has sure been a hell of a lot of fun reading your quips about the process. You can count on me to be keeping up with Another Damn Life. Also, glad to see you’re keeping this one up so that I can reference it when need be!

  7. I discovered you too late!!! Damn. I am glad you are leaving this up, so I can review archived posts while I swill the wine and damn the wedding nightmare. Thank you for this blog.. it is my favorite, and I have whiled away quite a bit of time, thankyouverymuch, swilling coffee AND wine, and reviewing the ol’ wedding blogosphere. My venue search has only just begun. I am off, to go read your other blog.

  8. oh man…we just MOVED blogs, just like you’re doing, and got all teary at the thought of losing the other one? silly..stupid…ridiculous, but I get it, basically.

    your blog is one of my favorites…glad you’re still over at another damn life and i like your voice over there just as much, lady.


  9. Ahh! I found you too late also… but I have to say I really, really hope I feel exactly the same way that you do a year from now. Because the roommate is already getting on my nerves!

  10. Oh, weddings. Thank god for them or where the hell would all of our random thoughts and neuroses be? Not on public display on the internet through blogs, that’s for sure.

    I enjoyed your site so very much once I found it, and am beyond relieved that you’re going to continue writing, partner.

    (pauses while everyone else wonders what the hell “partner” means in this context.)

  11. Half-way into the first post, I was another damn addict. While it’s sad to see the wedding blog go, I totally understand being SO over it. I look forward to many more posts of hilarity and brilliance.

  12. Lyn, I adore you and this blog. I’ve felt a kindred connection since I stumbled upon my first post (via comment?) oh so long ago. I’ve felt privileged to travel this wedding journey with your wit, insight, humor, and friendship.

    Since I am at the ready-to-stab-my-eye-with-a-fork point about weddings and have zero time or interest in my own, I heartily endorse the move to ADL. I will remain an avid reader and friend.

  13. You were an awesome wedding blogger. You are now also an awesome normal life blogger. You’re just pretty great, in general. Thank you for sharing with us as much as you did.

  14. You guys are seriously killing me. I almost want to throw back open the doors and be like WAIT, I DIDN’T MEAN IT, WE CAN STILL BE WEDDING BLOG FRIIIIIEEEEEEEENNNNNDSSSSSSS. Bah. BAH. I love all of you and keep in touch.

  15. You are the sweetest girl ever, I swear. I have absolutely LOVED your blog and will definitely be heading over to the other place!

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