I’ve gotten a couple emails asking about certain clothing and jewelry details, so I thought I’d post a quick overview so everything is in one place.


Dress: Saja Wedding, #HB662. Was I in hot, throbbing, drooly love it it? No. But I really, really liked it. I felt comfortable in the flowing silk chiffon, and that was pretty much the main goal.

I didn’t have a plan about my accessories in advance, and this caused me a lot of angst because the options were VAST. I basically ended up picking one thing (blue shrug) that informed my decisions on the other items.

Blue shrug and grey shawl (I got both because I couldn’t choose between them): Sweet Knitting.

Peacock feather hair fascinators: Sweet Grass Mill.

Button necklace: Button Soup Jewelry.

Shoes: Seychelles Flamingo in Tea.


Suit: The beau’s suit came from a store in the fashion district in L.A. called Downtown Suits Outlet. It was part of a “two suits for $250” deal. We’d originally considered getting him a high-quality custom-made suit, but the bargain won out. The thing we liked about this place is that the owner didn’t try to fleece us into thinking we were getting a real Italian suit for such an amazingly low price: “Sure, it’s Italian design, but it’s made in China.” If you looked close, you could tell. But the suit fit him well, and he got a lot of compliments on it.

Tie: Downtown Suits Outlet. The owner threw in a couple ties for free with the purchase of the suits — the beau ended up wearing a white/silver striped one for the wedding.

Shoes: Asics Mexico 66 in White.

Socks: Urban Outfitters.


Photos by Christina Richards.

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  1. i love everything. your dress was absolutely gorgeous…the blue accents totally “made it” – my mom always says that…so i have to put it in quotes..

    anyways. everything was the perfect choice…it all looked fabulously together.

  2. Your ensemble is awesome and stunning. I’m in awe how you didn’t have it perfectly planned out well in advance and how it just came together. The dress is simple but swoon worthy, and all the pops of blue — peacock feathers, button necklace, shoes — just are divine.

    The Beau isn’t a bad looking guy either. 😉 You did well. His ensemble is pretty fly too!

    1. Thanks! I was stressing about how none of it was planned. I ended up just having to make a decision, though. The hard part is knowing that there are SO MANY other options out there. You always doubt your final choice.

  3. Seriously impressed at how brilliantly everything goes together! That shawl is divine. the beau looks super sharp in his bargain suit — it fits him great! Jon looked about 30 lbs heavier/sorta dumpy in the rental tux we almost used and it was so bad we opted to buy one that actually fit. I think buying something is definitely the way to go for guys, because it is guaranteed to look better than a rental. Also, I had no idea Asics made hip dude-shoes.

    Also also, love the pic with the tile wall. Also also also, that dress always caught my eye whenever I saw it in my own hunt — it’s gorgeous on you. Last but not least, I am in awe of your hair here. It looks so nonchalant yet put-together and I could never ever pull it off!

    1. Thanks! I have to give the hair lady credit for my hair. I get a kick out of telling people I’m wearing a “hairpiece” here — the morning of, the hair lady showed up with this little round lump of fake hair (sounds weird, I know) that ended up matching my own almost perfectly. She used it in the back for extra umph to make my regular hair look bigger.

      And I totally agree about the buying versus rental. Unless a dude is a particular size, height, and build, most rentals will look dumpy on him. Tailoring is so key. I’m glad Jon didn’t go with the tux!

      1. This is definitely my biggest wedding regret – that we didn’t buy John a suit. He rented a nice tux and it did look good, but it didn’t occur to me until later how practical it would actually have been to buy him a really nice suit. It really didn’t occur to either of us because we had our “spend as little as possible” blinders on. Unlike me, he would actually get lots of use out of his wedding outfit. I’m thinking maybe we’ll get him one for our anniversary or something.

  4. Just love everything. You just look effortlessly cool and generally fabulous. Totally a girl I would want to be friends with (sorry stalker alert!)

    I’m still trying to find the right words about your last post.

    Your ceremony was just, beyond.

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