10 thoughts on “deviance, pt. 2”

  1. I just found your blog (courtesy of A Los Angeles Love) and have been reading from the beginning. I couldn’t help but comment on this one because it actually made me laugh out loud at work. LOVE IT! I totally think the same thing when I look at wedding magazines. And I have a picture of the dress I chose, worn by a model looking that exact same way, and I kind of hate sending it to people. “Really, it actually looks better when worn by someone to is actually standing normal,” I want to say.

  2. OK, I completely understand them.
    It goes a bit liek this I believe:

    ‘I am in this horrible dress, which is white, which implies I am a virgin. Which is something I so don’t want to remember, because first times are NOT the best thing one should be reminded of, anyway I will never wear the stupid thing again.
    Oh… great, now I remembered my best friend can’t marry her life-long partner. Geez, this feels like such an insult, really. Oh, God, I just want it to be over with”
    *starts sobbing*
    “And someone remove that ******* photographer from here!!!”

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